Project Musings

When I realized there would be a project in this class, my head started spinning with ideas.  I’ve always been a fairly indecisive person, so having this many options makes it difficult for me to choose just one!  For me, making a decision usually involves at least three different choices – there’s what I should do, what I feel obligated to do, and what I want to do.  Rarely do the three ever coincide!

So, here I stand at a fork in the road:

What I should do – It never hurts to have a personal portfolio site ready and available.  Whether I’m looking for a job, seeking out internships, or applying to grad school – this could be a leg up on the competition.  I’m visualizing an online multimedia resume and portfolio experience!  I would include a list of work experience, transcript information, and a portfolio of writing samples, photography, and videos I’ve produced.  Links to articles written about me, my LinkedIn page, etc., would also be included.

What I feel obligated to do – The non-profit that I work for has been waffling back and forth about starting a mental health blog for some time now.  It would be a logical choice to use this project as an opportunity to start the blog.  Essentially, I’d be killing two birds with one stone – getting school credit for something I’ll probably end up doing anyway and doing it at no expense to my employer, leaving my paid time for things that are more of a priority.   

What I want to do – Sometimes you just want to let go of the logical choices and have some fun!  I’m not sure exactly what this would entail yet, but a few ideas I’ve tossed back and forth are: a Seattle travel/events blog; a “Getting to Know” blog about North Seattle small businesses; or a 365 project of either photos (like Kathy’s), music/videos that get stuck in my head, or anecdotes about my day.

Decisions, decisions.  What to do, what to do!?!


One response to “Project Musings

  1. I encourage folks to do something that they are excited about. :-)

    That said, any one of these could be a great project for the class. The 365 project would actually be the hardest (trust me on this).

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