Social Networking 3.0 — Myspace/Facebook Collaboration

According to The Telegraph, Myspace recently announced that they will be including Facebook Connect as part of their redesign efforts.  This means that Facebook users will now be able to log into their Myspace accounts using their Facebook I.D. and password.  It’s a truce in the metaphorical war between the two social networking giants, with Myspace finally conceding to Facebook.  Is it too late for Myspace?  Will Facebook Connect save them from becoming obsolete?  Stay tuned!


3 responses to “Social Networking 3.0 — Myspace/Facebook Collaboration

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  3. I like your post Carrie because on one of my subject matter post I also talked about Facebook and Myspace mashup. I would think Myspace would of died out by now because I never hear anyone asking “Do you have a myspace account?”. But I guess there still keeping their hopes up and mashing up with Facebook. I wonder how that would work? Honestly I don’t think it will work just because Facebook does so much more than Myspace but who knows..

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