Do-Gooder Project Update

My new blog, The Seattle Do-Gooder, is up and running.  I’ve made a total of 6 blog posts to date and planned to make 4 more posts before the end of the quarter.  I’ve also started a Twitter account for The Seattle Do-Gooder, which has increased traffic to my site while allowing me to pass on tidbits of information without writing an entire post. 

In my haste to get the blog started, I chose a design that I’m not entirely fond of.  However, at this point I’m struggling to keep up with posts, so a redesign isn’t likely at this point.

What I’ve come to realize is that blogging is really time consuming.  I have to research possible topics each day, pick and choose what to write about, decide which sources to use, etc.  Unfortunately, the amount of effort involved means that I won’t be able to keep up The Seattle Do-Gooder beyond the scope of this class.  

The good news is: I feel like I’ve gained invaluable experience in blogging and microblogging that will be useful to me in my career.  Hopefully, I can use this experience to help Transitional Resources venture into blogging and social media sometime next year!


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