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My name is Carrie McBride.  I’m a native Michigander and a Seattlelite by adaptation.  I also recently discovered that I’m ¼ German.    

My favorite childhood memories are dancing to 45’s with my little sister; waking up on Sunday mornings to the voice of Charles Kuralt; and reading maps in the backseat of my stepdad’s Lincoln Town Car.  I’m still a pretty good navigator — maybe even better than your GPS.

I’ve been a lot of things in life: a choir girl, pageant queen, township clerk, teachers’ pet.  These days, I work in the non-profit sector and take classes at the University of Washington. 

Basically, I’m an overachieving, goody-two-shoes workaholic.

I’m a daughter, sister, girlfriend, and the proud parent of one very old and sassy feline.  If I weren’t so busy with work and school, I’d spend more time taking photos, reading books, traveling, and learning to cook.


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  1. You are awesome!

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