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Thursday is the New Black Friday

I was 17 years old the first time I ventured out for Black Friday. I wanted to buy my mom a pair of ruby earrings for Christmas and Kmart was selling them for 75% off from 5 a.m. – 7 a.m.

Groggy from a lack of sleep, I rolled out of bed that morning and left the house long before the sun came up.  It was bitterly cold outside, but there wasn’t enough time to warm up the engine of my 1984 Buick Century — the nearest Kmart was 20 minutes away and I wanted to be there when they opened.
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Writing, In Short

Six-word memoir
Fumbling through life without a map.

25-word memoir
My grandpa counted his blessings one by one.  He couldn’t remember my name, but he could still feel the love.  I was his brown-eyed girl.

Writing Reflection

For this assignment, I chose to write about my cat, Lexie.  Writing this piece was  fairly difficult for me.  There were two things that I found particularly challenging:

  1. Telling the story from the third person — Writing about Lexie felt very personal to me, so I had a hard time taking myself out of the story. 
  2. Straddling the fine line between expository and creative writing — Since I couldn’t interview my cat, there were times when I felt like I was writing too creatively for the story to be considered an expository piece. 

It would have been easier to write about an inanimate object, something that I have no emotional connection to, and/or something without a personality.  In the end though, I’m quite happy with the way the story turned out.

Lexie is The Cat’s Meow

On an unseasonably warm and sunny afternoon in Seattle, Lexie sits in the open window of her 4th floor apartment, eyes wide and ears alert.  She’s patiently waiting for pigeons to fly up and rest on the wires just outside. 

When she finally sees one, she twitches her tail back-and-forth and begins to chatter.  She reserves this tone of voice for anything that looks like prey – pigeons, crows, and the occasional squirrel.  When she was younger, she might have tried something foolish, like climbing the window screen to scare off the birds.  Now, she’s mellowed in her old age and it’s enough for her to just sit and observe. 

Once the sun begins to set, she retreats to her favorite blanket and settles in for a bath.  Grooming is of utmost importance to Lexie and she spends hours each day primping and preening.  After all, she’s revered for her beauty, like Queen Nefertiti or Elizabeth Taylor. 
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A Blog Down Memory Lane

In the second chapter of Dan Gillmor’s book, We the Media, he talks briefly about the 2000 presidential election and how he accessed election results from the internet while living in Hong Kong.  This brought back a flurry of memories for me.  That election was one of the single proudest moments in my life – my name was on the same ballot with Al Gore. 

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