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Text 2 Donate Reflection

Thanks to everyone for your support in listening to my presentation.  I’ve never really been one to talk in front of a group.  I much prefer one-on-one conversation, but it wasn’t so bad!  

Although Text 2 Donate is an easy and convenient way for many to send quick and instant donations, it’s not necessarily what’s best for the non-profit you’re donating to.  As you saw from the presentation, it’s very expensive for the non-profit to implement and use.  In fact, it’s not even feasible for many smaller non-profits like the one I work for.
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Text 2 Donate

For my class presentation, I decided to look into mobile giving, more commonly known as Text 2 Donate or Text 2 Give.  I work in non-profit fundraising and have heard a lot of buzz about text donations. Many have touted them as the charity wave of the future after the success of Help for Haiti.

So I was curious to find out how Text 2 Donate works. More specifically, I wanted to know how much it costs to implement and the feasibility of using such a program at the organization I work for. These are the types of things I’ll talk about in my presentation this week. In the meantime, feel free to take a look at the PowerPoint presentation I’ve put together: