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The Incredible Shrinking World

I was sleepily perusing Facebook this morning while drinking my first cup of coffee for the day.  An old friend of mine from Michigan posted a link to an NPR sound clip titled Stop Me Before I Facebook, about a software that Mac users can download to prevent themselves from getting to social media sites.  Lo and behold, a familiar voice!  It’s my blogging instructor, Kathy Gill, talking about why social media is so addicting. 

Is it just me, or is digital media shrinking the world? :)


Social Networking 3.0 — Myspace/Facebook Collaboration

According to The Telegraph, Myspace recently announced that they will be including Facebook Connect as part of their redesign efforts.  This means that Facebook users will now be able to log into their Myspace accounts using their Facebook I.D. and password.  It’s a truce in the metaphorical war between the two social networking giants, with Myspace finally conceding to Facebook.  Is it too late for Myspace?  Will Facebook Connect save them from becoming obsolete?  Stay tuned!

Purposefully Disconnected

Many websites now allow you to sign in using your Facebook I.D.  I’ve seen it numerous times and I’ve always avoided doing it.  It always seemed curious to me.  Why would they want me to do that and furthermore, why would I want to do that

To me, signing into another website with my Facebook I.D. is like having someone stand too close to me in the grocery line – it’s an invasion of my personal space.  I don’t really want these websites to have access to my personal information!
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According to articles in the New York Times and San Jose Mercury News, Facebook is holding a press conference on Monday to unveil what is likely a new email service.  Although sources in both articles are anonymous and much of the hype is speculation, the new service is already being called “Gmail Killer” and “Project Titan.”  With over 500 million users, a Facebook email service would instantly become the world’s largest — bigger than Gmail and Yahoo Mail combined.

Flickr off, YouTubers!

This week’s reading assignment left me feeling disgruntled.  Newbie’s Guide to Flickr and How companies can make the most of user-generated content made me wonder:  Who has the spare time to play around on Flickr and YouTube all day?  And furthermore, why aren’t these people doing something more productive?  I don’t know why, but I find this incredibly annoying. 
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Mind Your Facebook Manners

I read an article in the New York Times today about a woman who was fired because she made foul-mouthed Facebook comments about her supervisor.   Whether you agree or disagree with her dismissal, there’s a lesson about Facebook etiquette to be learned from this story.

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Search Engine Experiment

Keywords: online portfolio

The most helpful links were those found on Delicious.  I’m not surprised by this, of course.  I wouldn’t think to look at Facebook or Twitter for online portfolio examples, nor would I typically use Google or Bing to search these sites. 

Of particular interest on Delicious were the websites for Carbonmade and Behance Network.  Both of these sites allow users to build their online portfolios using their websites for free.  If nothing else, maybe I can draw some inspiration from the portfolio examples found in their online galleries.   
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Bloggers ≠ Journalists

In the third chapter his book, Here Comes Everybody, Clay Shirky says “it’s tempting to regard the bloggers . . . as a new crop of journalists.”  Really?  It’s not the least bit tempting to me!  In fact, I bristle every time the word “journalist” is used to describe a blogger and I nearly choked when he said, “anyone can be a journalist.” 
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The Reinvention of Myspace

I long ago abandoned Myspace in favor of Facebook, and I’m sure most of you did too.  It seems Myspace has finally gotten the message and decided to do something about it.  According to Mashable’s article, “On Myspace’s New Strategy,” the former web titan will be reinventing itself as a “social entertainment destination.”  While I think it’s a wise move for Myspace to change their image, I’m still not sure I’ll tune back in.  What do you think?