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The Power of Persuasion

In class tonight, we were asked to give a few examples of good persuasive writing.  Here are a few that I found interesting:

Where Anonymity Breeds Contempt
By Julie Zhuo – The New York Times

This is an op-ed piece from The New York Times.  Even though I agreed with the writer before even clicking the link, I thought this was a great persuasive post.  It hit on all the key elements of a good persuasive post and was extremely well-written.  Zhuo included links to psychological research as back-up and told a heartwrenching story about how trolls have infiltrated memorial sites.  Her call to action was also clear and concise.  She says, “Let’s start to rein in bad behavior by promoting accountability,”  and follows that up with examples of how to do it.
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According to articles in the New York Times and San Jose Mercury News, Facebook is holding a press conference on Monday to unveil what is likely a new email service.  Although sources in both articles are anonymous and much of the hype is speculation, the new service is already being called “Gmail Killer” and “Project Titan.”  With over 500 million users, a Facebook email service would instantly become the world’s largest — bigger than Gmail and Yahoo Mail combined.

Mind Your Facebook Manners

I read an article in the New York Times today about a woman who was fired because she made foul-mouthed Facebook comments about her supervisor.   Whether you agree or disagree with her dismissal, there’s a lesson about Facebook etiquette to be learned from this story.

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Weighing My E-Book Options

I love books.  I like the way they smell, the feel of the pages on my fingertips, the weight of a book as I hold it in the palm of my hand.  My shelves at home are packed full of books – my prized Alice Hoffman collection, New York Times best sellers, and an array of used books picked up at Goodwill over the years.

Recently, I was talking to a close friend of mine who had gotten a Kindle for her birthday.  She was telling me how much she loved her new gadget and recommended that I buy one.  At first, I scoffed at the idea.  Then she showed me how it worked and let me try it out.  “Hmmm,” I said.  “This is pretty neat.”

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